About Us

Here at Tea Chapter, we are equally dedicated to the education on Chinese Tea Appreciation, as well as the highest levels of service standards. Rest assured that our staff are all well trained and highly qualified in matters regarding Chinese Tea and Chinese Tea Appreciation, and we hope to share our knowledge in Chinese Tea Culture with you through our services.

Our Grand Tea Master, Patrick Kang, has accumulated over 20 years of experience in Chinese Tea Art and Chinese Culture. He has given talks and conducted workshops for many large corporations and famous figures. Be sure to catch our Grand Tea Master Kang at Tea Chapter! Alternatively, you may contact us to book a session with the Grand Tea Master!

Singapore’s President Tony Tan and Prime Minister Lee Hsien Long are some of the big names that were impressed by his art and knowledge, as well as the members of the Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce, Citibank, the Ministry of Manpower and the Ministry of Defence.


Tea Chapter started as a small joint venture headed by 13 tea enthusiasts on 1 October 1989. Through a fortunate twist of fate, they came across the chance to experience a proper Chinese tea ceremony through a Taiwanese friend. Not long after they were captivated by this beautiful and unique art, Tea Chapter was born.

The Name “茶渊” came from our mission “茶学渊博,茶文化源远流长”, which translates to “be knowledgeable in Tea and promoting the culture of Tea”. While our English name “Tea Chapter” meant opening new chapters to the tea culture.

In the effort to preserve culture and heritage, Tea Chapter decided to rent a shophouse at Tanjong Pagar area which was part of Singapore’s conservation project.

Not long after the establishment of Tea Chapter, we were visited by a very important guest, Queen Elizabeth II. The light fermented Oolong from Fu Jian, soon became our signature tea to serve various VIPs. Among those who have tried our imperial golden cassia are Prime Minister Lee Hsien Long, President Tony Tan, Former President S.R Nathan and many other famous figures.

During the initial years of business, tea chapter operated at the 2nd and 3rd floors of 9 Neil Road. After several years of hardships and countless cultural events, Tea Chapter expanded into new grounds. Tea Chapter is currently the biggest tea house in Singapore, selling everything from tea leaves to tea wares and even tea books. Moreover, Tea Chapter has also became a big name in Tea Appreciation education over the years, providing workshops to over a hundred schools and having more than ten thousand students coming to our tea house to learn the art of Tea every year.


Mission & Vision

Mission :
To promote awareness on Heritage, Culture and Philosophy to our local Singaporean community, the younger generation and our foreign friends through the appreciation of Tea and Fine arts.

Vision :
To be the hub for Fine Arts and Tea Appreciation in Singapore and a hub for our customers to engage in pleasant conversations over a simple tea session.



9 Neil Road, Singapore 088808


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Fri – Sat: 11.00 am to 10.30 pm

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