(50g) Top Grade Dragon Well


特级龙井 | Top Grade Dragon Well

Origin: Hang Zhou

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The Top Grade Dragon Well is a green tea harvested in the Spring Season every year. According to a popular Chinese legend, there was a time when Emperor Qian Long of the Qing Dynasty visited the tea plantations in Hang Zhou and unintentionally brought some fresh tea leaves back to Beijing with him. Upon arrival, the Empress Dowager caught a scent of a sweet aroma emitting from the Emperor’s pocket, where the tea leaves were. Out of curiosity, the leaves were brewed. Its unique taste captivated both the Emperor and the Empress Dowager; and from that day onwards, the Dragon Well became the Imperial Tea.

Aroma: Chestnuts / Beans | Colour: Light Green

Health benefits

  • Removes excessive heat within the body
  • Drives away fatigue
  • Prevents cancer


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