Throughout the years, Tea Chapter has been providing cultural programs to nearly 100 different schools across all education levels: Primary schools, Secondary Schools, Junior Colleges and Universities. On a yearly basis, over 10,000 students learn to brew and appreciate a variety of tea at Tea Chapter.

The purpose of cultural programs for students is to raise interest and awareness in Tea Appreciation, which is a integral part of our Chinese culture and Heritage, However, this art should not be limited to the Chinese; in our multi-racial society, all are welcome and encouraged to share in the beauty of Tea.

Here at Tea Chapter, we provide two distinct packages for school students.

The first package A is Tea Art, where students will be exposed to the origins and specifics of tea appreciation through a comprehensive and engaging hands-on experience, guided by our thoroughly-trained staff.

Primary School and Secondary School - $10 per student

Junior College and University - $12 per student

The second package B is Tea Art and Craft, where students will be engaging in hands-on experience in chinese tea making, guided by our thoroughly-trained staff. Students are also given additional exposure to the chosen festival’s background, history and customs through a short video, as well as a short practice with handicraft work.

Primary School and Secondary School - $15 per student

Junior College and University - $17 per student

Please drop us an email for any further inquiries.



Our corporate workshop has been highly successful with various organizations, including and not limited to the government sector, profit organizations and non-profit organizations.

The aim of the workshop is to provide exposure as well as the enjoyment of Chinese Tea. It includes verbal presentations on tea culture, traditional tea art demonstrations as well as the standard tea appreciation session, where our trained staff will gladly indulge your further questions, should you have any. It is definitely a relaxing and enjoyable experience for your staff. Do note that we require a minimum of 20 and a maximum of 40 participants for our workshops, and advanced booking is required.

In addition to the above, Tea Chapter provides spaces for a wide variety of private purposes. Examples of these are staff-meetings, speed-dating events, amazing race pit stops and many other.

If coming over to our Tea house is too much of a hassle, we do conduct outdoor workshops as well.

Please drop us an email for any further inquiries.




Are you interested in Chinese Tea? Or you are keen to learn something new for self-improvement? Our Chinese Tea Art Course for individuals could very well be a fine choice for you. Just bring one of your friends to start a course (the minimum is 2 individuals).

The course comprises of 4 lessons, each 2 hours in duration. As for the course fees, it will be at $380 per person with a minimum of 2 participants. Do leave your contact details with us through a simple phone call or inquiry email and we will liaise further with you on your preferred dates and timings.

*In the case of an individual participant, we will try our best to pair you up.

Throughout the course, you will be introduced to different types of teas, the styles of appreciation and the tea-creation process itself. The various benefits of drinking teas will be highlighted during our course as well. At the end, you will complete an assessment (written and practical) which entitles you to receive a lifetime VIP membership card!

Allow us to deliver an engaging and rewarding experience, and you will definitely remember this visit for many years to come.

If the duration of the course is too long and you would like to gain some knowledge in a shorter time, do check out our Tea Appreciation Packages!

Please drop us an email for any further inquiries.